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At AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS we focus on our client's needs. No two clients are the same and their needs are not the same. We do not offer "one plan suits all" solutions, nor do we "sell products".

We provide service.

• Meet with clients, review their financial situation, identify needs and goals, and determine requirements to meet those needs and goals.

• Prepare a financial plan the client is comfortable with; one that meets their obligations and provides for the future. Being an independent firm, we do not have to make your needs fit our products and we don't recommend the same investments to all clients.

• Provide access to a broad range of investments.

• Evaluate the financial goals and suitability of investment vehicles.

• Recommend, after careful study, sound financial investment solutions to best accomplish the client's individual goals and objectives.


• Identify those investments that will do this most effectively in terms of risk and reward.
• Carefully explain all aspects of the individual investments to the client that allows the client to make the final decision.

AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS responsibility does not end at this point - it continues:

• We carefully monitor client's accounts daily to ensure plan is still on track and chosen investments are meeting goals.
• We schedule periodic reviews with clients to ensure they are fully up-to-date on all aspects of their plan.

Client's situations or goals sometimes change. When this happens, AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS will:

• Be available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns our clients may have.
• Revisit "the plan" and make adjustments accordingly with client's approval.

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Addington Wealth Advisers.

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