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American Wealth Advisers is a full-service financial planning and wealth management investment firm headquartered in Goodyear, Arizona. Our team of highly experienced financial advisors believes that each client is as unique as their personal financial situation, which is why we take the time to get to know you, understand your needs, and identify your goals. The result is a comprehensive, holistic financial strategy that addresses all areas of your assets, accounts, investments, and more. Our wealth management team will design the right personalized plan to make your financial future brighter than ever.

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Personal Finance

Maximize your current income, start saving for the future, explore exciting investment opportunities - and learn more about what your money means to you.

Wealth Management

Grow and protect your wealth with comprehensive financial management strategies that incorporate traditional and fintech-powered tactics and solutions.

Estate Planning

Formulate and finalize financial documents such as trusts, living wills and legacy plans to provide peace of mind regarding the future of your finances.

Retirement Planning

Enjoy the best years of your life knowing that you have enough to live on comfortably. Whether you're about to retire or just planning ahead, we can help.

Financial Planner

Eliminate the complexity of finances with comprehensive, holistic and straightforward solution - all in one place, all with one trusted team.

  1. Establish a customized financial plan that matches your risk tolerance and investment preferences
  2. Actively manage your portfolio with a strategy that blends technical financial data with market trends
  3. Explore and incorporate countless possibilities pertaining to your assets, taxes, social security, insurance and more!

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Financial Consultant

Finances can be frustrating, time-consuming and downright confusing...

  1. You see a bookkeeper for day-to-day business and accounting needs
  2. You see a tax accountant for assistance with deductions and filing
  3. And you see a different advisor for wealth management and personal finance

American Wealth Advisers is your all-in-one finance management solution.

Our Financial Team

Finacial Advisor Kyle Addington

Kyle Addington, CF2®

President and Director of Financial Planning

Melissa s

Melissa Addington

VP of Client Experience

Justin Kauffman, CFP®

Justin Kauffman, CFP®

Vice-President of Financial Planning