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Investment Discipline

Investment Advisers in Phoenix, AZ
  • Provide daily analysis of market trends to ensure our clients' portfolios are properly invested
  • Deliver and maintain appropriate investments based on market indicators, investment disciplines and each client's individual risk tolerance
  • Provide clients with the latest technology and trading models that produce the best possible results
  • Provide disciplined downside protection to clients' accounts

Within the context of the above core disciplines, we believe the stock market is controlled by an overall supply/demand relationship that may or may not be in-sync with current economic news because the stock market typically looks out 3 to 6 months in anticipation of future corporate earnings. When markets are healthy, we will have our clients fully invested in diversified portfolios giving them exposure to key areas of the market.

AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS uses a proprietary trading platform that allows us to implement strict entry and exit points. This provides a disciplined non-reactionary approach to money management. Every position entered into has a strict exit point that will eventually be reached. At that time, all assets will remain in conservative bond or money market positions until such time that demand returns to the overall stock market. If appropriate, in a prolonged down stock market, portfolios may have more bond exposure or possible inverse stock index exposure where deemed appropriate.

The design of our proprietary trading platform is not to try to pick stock market tops or bottoms. The design is to recognize a potential new trend in the overall stock market movement and then to capture a large portion of that move. No system is 100% accurate. Clients can and will incur manageable losses because of market fluctuations from time to time. However, we believe through disciplined investing this can be managed and mitigated accordingly. We have found by sticking to our system downside risk is greatly decreased and returns for clients are maximized over the long-term.