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Philosophy and Guiding Principals

AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS are disciplined wealth accumulation and retirement income planning specialists. In today's volatile markets, families and business owners need a solid, trustworthy partner to help them plan and execute financial plans, wealth accumulation, and retirement income strategies through all of life's cycles.

We believe there is more to life than wealth accumulation. We believe the ultimate goal of wealth management is to provide for our families, loved ones and give back to society. Our valued clients are truly engaged in their financial plans. Together we establish the financial goals, and then design the strategy with appropriate investments and protocol to move forward.

AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS believe in resolving financial challenges for our clients that will create financial confidence and leave an enduring legacy for our loved ones and the communities we live in.

10 Things You Should Look For

In a Financial Advisor
  • 1. Identifies your needs and ensure he or she has the expertise to serve you as a client.
  • 2. Puts your goals first and foremost.
  • 3. Helps you understand your financial plan by cutting through the noise of the market.
  • 4. Works to understand your personal circumstances, values, investing style, tax situation and goals.
  • 5. Develops and carefully monitors a personal plan for you, and make timely portfolio adjustments to meet your changing needs.
  • 6. Responds with true care and concern when you are faced with life transitions.
  • 7. Helps you understand fees and expenses and the value added from these fees.
  • 8. Tailors communication, education and the overall client experience to meet your unique needs and concerns.
  • 9. Communicates clearly, truthfully and consistently.
  • 10. Effectivly utilizes technology to maximize time with you and other clients.